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Warm greetings from Bangalore, India. It is a pleasure to be part of this forum and I look forward to great interactions with everyone here.

A little bit about myself. After a stint in the corporate world, jostling project deadlines, presentations, and the works, one day decided to say goodbye to it all and pursue my passion, travel. So teamed up with my hubby who fortunately shares the same interests to launch our own travel-focused website, Voyager. Since then it has been traveling, experiencing, and sharing our stories and experiences.

Apart from writing for our blog, we do freelance writing for various print and online publications.

The Voyager blog focuses on stories about travel destinations based on personal experiences. We also are committed and focused on sustainable and eco-friendly tourism and associate with various brands and organizations to spread awareness about this.

Travel for me goes beyond the mere ticking off of places from a bucket list. Travel is an immersive experience, an opportunity to learn about new cultures and understand them.

We are also on social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and Linkedin.

I would be happy to answer any queries related to travel or travel blogging toTravel Blogger, Travel Writer, Content Creator and Influencer 3 the best of my ability on this forum or through any of our social media channels. Look forward to a wonderful experience here.

I have been reading some of the introductions and hope to read more soon. I really liked the one by Jenny of Portugalholidays4U who has built her blog on a super niche, like the fact that she is promoting holiday accommodation in an ethical manner. The travel space needs more like this. The other one that had my attention riveted was the introduction by Felicia of, loved the fact that she is focusing on what she likes and is forging ahead in a niche that is relatively nascent.

  1. Vidya Sury 7 months ago

    Hi Sandy! @imvoyager
    A big warm welcome to you! As someone blessed with the travel gene, I loved your introduction and admire the fact that you decided to pursue your passion, breaking away from your career. I did the same! I am looking forward to interacting with you and your website. Great to know you are from Bangalore. I am wondering if we’ve met. I live here too.
    Merry Christmas, happy travels and again, welcome!

    • Author
      Sandy Vyjay 6 months ago

      Hi Vidya, Glad to connect here. Yes, we have met a year back at one event. Happy New Year! 🙂


  2. Shilpa Garg 7 months ago

    Hi Sandy! Good to meet you here.
    You guys are following your passion, that’s so wonderful.
    Looking forward to connect with you and Voyager!

  3. Shalini Baisiwala 7 months ago

    Hi Sandy,

    Its great to see you make a living out of your passion and wish you all the best with that. I am keen to check out your blog and see your posts as I am pretty keen on travel posts and write ups. I dabble in a bit of the same on my blog and its always great to connect with others who are into it too.

    Look forward to some happy connects!


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