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My name is Felicia and I am a Navy veteran as well as a Navy spouse. My husband will be retiring soon at 21years! So I am just now starting to live my dream.

I have always loved meal planning, meal prepping, freezer meals, and organization. I am always looking to save money and time. I’m a huge frugal person LOL.

I am a mother of 3 beautiful children and have 2 degrees but never found a passion to work in the fields of my degrees. I have been meal planning and doing freezer meal workshops for myself and a few friends over the years but I never thought I could turn it into a career.

I just started to “market” my services this past month. I think the main thing I want to do is educate everyone on how easy it is to meal plan and the benefits of just meal planning one week out of a month! This is my passion and my ultimate goal in life. I also do personal meal plans, so feel free to reach out and email me if you have any questions about that.

  1. Lynne Huysamen 12 months ago

    Felicia that is amazing and certainly something I also trying to do – build my business around my passion.

    I find meal planning to be so beneficial but I struggle e cause when I get busy with work and family I run out of time to meal plan so I land up throwing something together which is not necessarily healthy for my family.

    I do know that if I had to take some time to plan properly it would save me so much time, hassle and money!

    Thank you for that reminder.

    Ps I already have our meals planned for the next 3 days so I’m ahead at the moment!

  2. Karmen Tripar 12 months ago

    Hi Felicia. So nice to learn more about you. I too always try to prepare meals ahead. And I totaly use all of my freezer space. I have so much food prepared in my freezer that I can easely go without cooking for a month. I need to follow up on your blog to get some new ideas and tips.

  3. Heather Hoke 12 months ago

    Hi Felicia,
    First of all, Thank you and your husband for your service. That is amazing your husband is going to be able to retire from the military soon. What an amazing accomplishment for you both. My husband is an Army veteran. He did not stay in long enough to retire though.

    I love that you are following your passion now. That is what I am attempting to do as well by starting my blog about motherhood. I love meal prepping and/or planning and try to do it as much as I can. It definitely helps with budgeting and being frugal. I look forward to learning all your tips and techniques.

    I plan to write a post about meal prepping before baby comes. I would love to collaborate with you!

    Great meeting you!

    Heather @ Embracing Chaos with Love

  4. Lauren Kinghorn 12 months ago

    Hi Felicia

    Oh, how interesting. Your hubby is retiring and mine WANTS to! I’m working my little touche off to give him the opportunity to either retire or start-up his own company.

    My hubby is a great provider and neither of us are frugal so I have to make pots of money to replace his income.

    I’m terrible at meal planning… my hubby does most of it (and most of the shopping and cooking) which is another great reason for him to retire. Hehe.

    We pretty much have our first 3 days of the week sorted because we repeat the same meals every week from Monday to Wednesday. But then the wheels come off… we really need a bigger repertoire… more meals we all enjoy and are quick and easy-to-make, delicious and nutritious. I’ve been trying Banting and Intermittent Fasting lately which further complicates things.

    Wishing you all the best as you launch your new venture.

    All the best

  5. Nicole Steyn 12 months ago

    So good to get to know you better Felicia!
    I’m with you on the point about having a degree and not the passion to work in the field! I studied Psychology, Media and Music. None of which are part of my current career path.

    I’m really going to make use of your content to help plan meals so that I can be more productive with my time.

  6. Beth Allingham 11 months ago

    Hi, Felicia, I’m so interested to learn more about you. I love how excited you are about your blogging progress and how clear you are about what you are offering people. I always love stories like yours where you are making your passion into your work.

    My husband is also a Navy veteran, though he served in the 70’s before I met him. That makes us both grandparent-age for sure.

    Surprisingly, I have had a very hard time planning ahead for meals, but now blogging has made it a must! I love to be frugal, too, but unfortunately do not enjoy freezer meals. I have the luxury of time now as a retiree! But know how much working folks appreciate quick or multiple meals from one prep, which I’m focusing on more.

    On your blog I enjoyed your article about the spices, and left a comment. Plus, looking forward to my printables!

  7. Tracy-ann Aston 11 months ago

    Hello Felicia.
    I grew up in a forces household (my dad was in the British army) so well done for all your and your husband’s time in the Navy.
    I really want to work on meal planning – I have a very fussy husband when it comes to food but a little one so it’s not easy at the moment! Looking forward to learning more.

  8. Vidya Sury 8 months ago

    I know you are a Navy spouse but not that you are a Navy veteran! I totally get you when you say that you aren’t really doing work related to your degrees – I’m doing something similar, too! The service you’ve chosen is something people will always need because food and healthy eating never go out of fashion!. All the very best. I know you’re already rocking it! <3

  9. Sandy Vyjay 7 months ago

    Nice to know that you are pursuing something that really interests you rather than what you got your degrees for. I too have turned my back to a flourishing corporate career to pursue my passion for travel and writing. Meal Planning is a unique niche and you are sure to go places. I will keep following your story on this forum.

  10. Sivaranjani Rajendran 4 months ago

    Hi Felicia,

    Happy knowing you and your passion. Its very clear how passionated and focussed you are on your dreams . Its very inspiring and makes me to work and think energetically. Meal planning is a great choice and must be helpful to many. I agree i am not good at meal planning so your articles will help me and i keep disturb you by asking doubts 😀


  11. Janice Martin 4 months ago

    Wow, a Navy veteran! Thank you for your service. I also have degrees that I don’t have employment in anymore. I found my passion in creating ecards and love to work online at home. Blogging is more of a hobby for me, as a way to promote my ecards. There is so much to learn about the whole blogging world. Thanks for referring me to this group, I hope to learn a lot through engagement with everyone here.


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