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Hi everyone. My name is Leana Lourens

I am a full-time working mother to a beautiful 5-month-old daughter and have an amazing husband.

I’ve been working at a bank for more than 10 years. What inspired me to create my blog was my creative mindset. (I always love writing, reading etc)

I just started blogging and I write about Motherhood, Baby, Parenting, Lifestyle, and Fashion

Website: mamasblossom.com

Pinterest: mamasblossom

IG: @mamasblossom

FB: @mamasblossom

Twitter: BlossomMamas


Enjoy 🙂

  1. Karmen Tripar 1 year ago

    So nice to meet you Leana 😊 I love your blog (just finished reading your cat and baby post) and your daughter is too cute 😊


    • Leana Lourens 1 year ago

      Hi Karmen please to meet you too
      Thank you so much! Im glad to hear that im on the right route 😀
      My daughter is everything to me she is almost 5 months 🙂


  2. Melissa Dreger 1 year ago

    Great to meet you! It’s nice to meet someone else who is blogging while working a full-time job…sometimes I feel like I’m losing my mind!


  3. Leana Lourens 1 year ago

    Hi Melissa yes I can relate to every single letter in the word FULLTIME 😀


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