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Hi Ladies

It all started with my love of breastfeeding and my desire to write a book called Happy to Be a Human Pacifier.

I’ve dreamed of writing and publishing a book for decades. 

But I also knew there’s no sense in writing a book if I have no audience, no tribe. Who would read it?  So I decided to start with a website.

My first site was Happy Human Pacifier – Shining the Spotlight on Breastfeeding Moms

I’ve created another 2 niche websites since then and they are ticking along nicely.

Inspiring Mompreneurs – Shining the Spotlight on Mom Entrepreneurs – On How to Become a Digital Entrepreneur

This has been my best month-to-date in my online business.  I made  $29 short of $1000. (July 2019)

I owe it all to @lynne

I’ve learned most of what I know at Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and from Lynne Huysamen.

I met Lynne at WA and discovered we live 150km’s from each other.  Lynne took me under her wing, showing me the ropes when I was a newbie blogger and we’ve become best friends.

I shared the success strategy I learned from Lynne that’s generated most of my blogging income in this quick tutorial.

Levelling Up

I’ve been on a whole new MISSION lately to level up in my business.

I did an incredible 15-Day Challenge last month, where I got a ton of new information and learned how to create my first sales funnel (which invites people onto the same Challenge).  Finally, I’m building a list of email subscribers too… without one, I cannot launch the online course I’m creating.

So that’s my new mission – build my tribe of power women and help them make money online.

Come join me on this journey? Go to:

Fab to Meet You All

Phew! I just got through reading all your posts and commenting on each of them (I hope I didn’t leave anyone out). You are ALL awesome and I’m looking forward to getting to know you better through your posts and these forums.

Are you a Fempreneur or Mompreneur? 

I’ve created a couple of groups on LinkedIn and some amazing power women have joined in the fun.

I would luuurve to have YOU join our tribe on LinkedIn at Fempreneurs Unite or Mompreneurs Unite


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PS. Ooh… and by the way, my favourite social platform is LinkedIn and lately, I’ve been posting VIDEO tips for Digital Entrepreneurs on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter.

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  1. Gwen Serrotti 4 months ago

    Thank you Lauren for introducing me to this amazing community. It has been such a pleasure to have met you all those years ago – how far we have come! 🙂 You continue to add value to my life! Thank you!


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