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Hi All,

My name is Laura & I am so excited to be here!

I’m married with two kids (currently 2 & 4 years old) and we just moved across country from Minnesota to Florida. Prior to our move, I worked as an oncology research nurse- basically helping coordinate the care of patients with cancer participating on drug trials. After our move, I had the flexibility to try being a stay at home mom.

While I love the time I get to spend with my kids, I quickly realized I needed something to keep my brain cells occupied (that didn’t involve anything potty training related). And so I turned to something I’ve always been passionate about; writing. I started blogging on a free blog website to keep our family back in Minnesota and Iowa updated on our new life in Florida. I used writing as a tool to keep my family connected and my brain cells happy.

And in this process of blogging for my family, I realized just how much I love writing. And like any lovesick person, I made a crazy decision: I decided to start a legit blog. I did what most new bloggers do- lots of research and probably dropped some unnecessary money to create the website of my dreams… or should I say, a website that functions.

I launched my blog on November 1, 2019. My blog covers the topics of parenting and travel. To say that I feel like a fish out of water is an understatement. You know that moment right before you try something new? When you feel the butterflies rising in your stomach and the tightening in your chest; when your brain protests that this is not logical and that you will fail? And the feeling of jumping- the moment when both feet are off the ground? That terrifying pit in your stomach quickly dissipated by the freedom you encounter? I’m somewhere in the middle of those two places.

I’m not a techy person, so I’ve been doing a lot of learning on those sorts of things. I would love any feedback on the website or any of my social media profiles.






I commented on Jessica Taylor’s introduction as we both have common ground as nurses (and she has super delicious recipes on her blog). Nicole Steyn’s introduction led me to a great article on her blog about organically improving Instagram traffic- which is something I’ve been working on.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you all and engaging with this community of intelligent & creative ladies! Drop me a line & say hello, or creep from afar!

All the best,


  1. Nicole Steyn 8 months ago

    Welcome Laura! Thanks for sharing your introduction. I can’t imagine moving across the country and leaving my family behind, so big ups to you for surviving that. Plus 2 small kids! I’m really looking forward to getting to know you better and read your future blog posts. I love travel too!


    • Author
      Laura Onstot 8 months ago

      Thanks, Nicole! It has been quite the adventure, giving me plenty of writing material 🙂


  2. Vidya Sury 8 months ago

    Being involved in coordinating drug trials must have been very interesting, Laura @parentingandtravel! I am on an ethics committee that evaluates protocols for human clinical trials (bioequivalency to phased trials) and find it fascinating.

    Managing two kids, moving AND starting a blog – kudos to you! But you’re right! As busy as we get being moms, we do need something to keep that brain happy. Welcome to the group and feel free to reach out for any support you need! We’re in this together! ❤ Looking forward to seeing you on the engagement threads!


    • Author
      Laura Onstot 8 months ago

      Thanks, @vidyasury!

      So neat that you are involved on an ethics committee. The ethics of research is fascinating and terrifying- I’m so glad we have a good person like you on a committee. I loved drug research & miss the patients a lot. But, as I’m sure you are aware, protocols these days are so complex and it could be a very stressful job.

      Thanks for the kind welcome note- I’m looking forward to getting to know you and the team!



      • Vidya Sury 8 months ago

        Yes, protocols are stressful and these days, the system/process is also quite complex. I enjoy being part of an extremely rigid and stringent committee that won’t budge at all! Hugs! Welcome again!


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