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Hey everyone!

I am super excited to be here! I have been working on my blog for a little over a year now and struggling with growing it due to family and work engagements that have just kept me away. I am a full time ER Travel Nurse and Mama with a great German Shepherd named Sasha and a wonderfully supportive husband. I was born and raised in the most beautiful state of Alabama. We are getting serious about our blog in hopes that in the next few years I can retire fron being a travel nurse or at least cut it down to part time. We love to travel and have a camper, we are quite an adventurous family. I love easy recipes and share a good bit of those on my webpage. Any feed back on my site is great and appreciated. I can not wait to meet and connect with y’all!

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See y’all soon!


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  1. Laura Onstot 8 months ago

    Hi Jess,

    I knew I had to read your post since I am a nurse also. Props on working in the ER- it takes a special person! My background is actually in cardiac & oncology research nursing (watching patients on drug trials mainly)- I moved into research after realizing floor nursing just wasn’t a good fit for me.

    I looked at your blog- the recipes made me very hungry and your Firecracker Chicken dip is on my list of things to try.

    Keep up the great work!



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