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Hi everybody, great to meet you and find this great group.

A little about me: I am almost 50 years old and my great life adventure started 10 years ago as I was approaching my 40th birthday.

I met my, now, husband John, and we decided to totally change our lives. I had worked in the corporate world and worked long stressful days, John was a builder, together we had a love of travel and music and and realised life was far too short.

So we made the decision to up sticks and not come back from our travels. We moved to France and bought a derelict house which we renovated together and this is where my love of blogging started. I covered our lives in a warts and all blog (it was strange to meet people in our french village that said they had moved there after reading my blog!).

We then tried Spain before returning to France. But 2 years ago we decided to move to Portugal, where we bought a derelict manor house (which is almost finished). During this time I decided to turn my blogging experience in to a business and set up my holiday advertising company,

We advertise holiday accommodation in an ethical way, without charging lots of commission, but my favourite aspect is our Discover Portugal page, which is a great collection of posts about every aspect of Portugal, where to visit, what to see, what to eat.

I really hope that our website becomes a one stop site for those wanting to know more about Portugal.

We also accept guest blogs from aspiring bloggers to help get their blogs noticed as well, so if you would like to guest post send me a message

  1. Felicia Austin 2 weeks ago

    Welcome Jenny! I am loving your posts as well so far! They make me want to go to Portugal! I am looking forward to reading many more posts from you

  2. Author
    jenny lovett 2 weeks ago

    Thanks @fosheela it is a beautiful country 🙂


  3. Vidya Sury 2 weeks ago

    Wow, sounds amazing and adventurous, Jenny! I definitely hope to visit France, Spain and Portugal and perhaps we shall meet some day. I love that you renovated the houses together – that must be really exciting (and strenuous). How great that the internet makes it possible to connect with people far and wide! I have read a lot about Portugal and find it fascinating. And of course, your photos are amazing! Looking forward to getting to know you better!


  4. Hi Jenny ,this was such a lovely read.I have always wondered about how people renovate and blog along the way.I will definitely love to read your blog posts


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