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My name is Janice, but I go by BebeStarr as a Studio Artist for 123Greetings.com. I live in the USA, born in Michigan but am now what we call a snowbird, living in Florida in the winter and Pennsylvania in the summer.

Since 2012 I have been working from home and creating ecards. In 2017, I began my blog, Ecards Designed by BebeStarr, as a way to further promote my ecards. Though I have a degree in Commercial Art, when it comes to learning new computer skills, designing ecards, blogging, and creating content for social media, it is all self-taught. Working with no budget dictates that – but I love the challenge of figuring things out on my own!

I have so much passion for what I do that it’s hard to get me away from the computer! But when I’m not creating I enjoy sailing, camping, traveling the US, and gardening. I used to love riding on the back of a Harley, but that period of my life has ended (successfully – no crashes!).

Looking over the membership, and reading some of your introductions, I see familiar names and faces from other blogger communities and social media. I want to mention two people in specific, Vidya Sury – who is the most diverse and professional blogger I know; and Felicia Austin – I enjoyed learning that she is a Navy veteran, and also was kind enough to refer me to this group. I’m excited to engage with everyone here, learn new things, and make new friends.

You can follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

  1. Vidya Sury 5 months ago

    Welcome, Janice! Thank you for your kind words. I love your blog and the beautiful cards you make–and also the narrative that goes with them.
    Harley, eh? Girl after my own heart!
    It must be fun being a “snowbird”, alternating between places.
    I am looking forward to our interaction! Please feel free to reach out any time!


  2. Lynne Huysamen 5 months ago

    Welcome @bebestarr – it is fantastic to learn about what you do. I wish I could design beautiful images but that is just not where my talent lies! I make use of Canva for all my blog images and I am so grateful for that since it makes it possible for me to do it.

    It is amazing that you have been able to create a business surrounding e-cards! I would love to know more about doing that.


    • Author
      Janice Martin 5 months ago

      Well, let me just say it is a lot of work!! I utilize all the free image sources, like Pixabay and Freepik, then let the creative juices flow. I create all my ecards with Microsoft PowerPoint. Anyone can upload their creations on the 123Greetings platform, so if you are feeling creative give it a try!


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