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Hello! My name is Sherica, and I am the creator of, where I get to share my love of the Gospel, different types of food, paintings, how to eBooks; shine a light on disabled military veterans, and inspire women and young adults to accomplish their dreams. On a more personal note: I am a queen, wife of a retired military man, mother, daughter, dog owner, nurturer, sister; child of God, investor, OU alumna, life coach, military veteran (soldier medic), and a fun-loving supportive friend. When I am not writing and taking photos, I am spending quality time with my family and friends. One might also find me painting, reading, shopping and/or listening to various generes of music while cooking.

To continue, I joined this group because let’s be honest we all are here to help each other grow our business and make like minded friends. I am also here to have fun and l feel like we all can learn from each other. Hugs to you Lynn. This is amazing what you all are doing, here. In regards to blogging, I haven’t been blogging much. However, I will be posting more about my podcast and recipes for the food blog portion on my website. If anyone would like to guest blog “Christian articles” on my website—please contact me via email. I would love to share your articles on my website. Thank you again for letting me join this amazing group! Blessings to you all!

Your new friend,
Sherica 🙂

  1. Lynne Huysamen 12 months ago

    Hi @sherica – once again I am blown away but how so many of us ladies are juggling so much. I absolutely love it!

    To my mind podcasting is blogging – it is just done in audio rather than the written word. I haven’t really been much into podcasts before but I listened to my first one recently and I really enjoyed it – it was a podcase with @julie‘s husband. Interestingly enough I have been a guest on a spirituality podcast about a year ago. I did listen to that one of course afterwards to check if I sounded terrible and I may guest again on the same podcast this weekend at an event.

    I should listen to them more while I work – it will be very inspirational.

    Thanks for joining and I look forward to getting to know you better and growing together!


  2. Vidya Sury 10 months ago

    Hi @sherica! It’s lovely to read your introduction. Clearly you pack in a lot into your life! I look forward to knowing more about your podcasts. I also look forward to seeing you in the engagement threads (there are social media and blog threads). Looking forward to our interaction! Hugs! And happy to support you in any way I can!


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