How do I generate a monthly income from 2
So I thought that it would be best to put this post together in the hopes to help all new bloggers understand how an income is made through a blog.
It is however very important to note that I do not blog as such but sell my website as an online magazine, I work with bloggers, writers, experts etc. The concept remains the same.
First off is to decide on a target market. One cannot cover “life” because brands simply do not buy into “life” blogs as such . Your brand needs to connect with theirs in some form or another – their demographics
Secondly you have to have the numbers, you have to be driving traffic to your website each and every day. (this is a massive topic all on itself which can be covered in another post)
Then the important stuff:
  • What are you going to sell on your website in order to generate an income? I sell banner adverts, business directory listings, advertorials, newsletter banners (what you would call a sponsored post)
  • Services rate card. You NEED one, you need to update this all the time. Many of you work in Canva, so have a look at their media pack samples and generate a services rate card from there
  • Figure out your brand and don’t deviate from it. The more you stick within your brand guidelines set-out, the more recognisable you will be to the public
  • Working with others. I cannot say this enough. You need to connect with other people in your target industry. This not only includes bloggers but PR agencies as well. I worked with a PR agency for 6 years before they would pay me a cent but now a lot of my income is through them
  • Patience, you need to have it. Yes in my first month of I earned R10 000 but I worked my butt off prior to the launch in order to earn it
  • Numbers… not only do you have to have the numbers on your website at a nice level but you have to have your contacts at a nice level as well.
  • The odds… further to my point above. If you have  4000 people on your potential clients list but only 5 people have signed up for some sort of advertising… that tells you that you need to have the numbers and be connecting with these brands on a regular basis
  • Keeping the connection open. Timing is not always right for brands to work with you. They have budgets, targets to reach before more advertising budget is opened for your brand. But keeping your brand connected by checking in or following up
  • Work work work and when you are tired work some more! I will be frank with you. When I started, I used to work every single day and night. I used to put my kids to bed with a laptop and sit by them while I worked. I would socialise in my home and I would sit outside and work while I chatted with them. I would work while watching tv, you name it, I worked my ass off and it paid off. Now I am not saying kill yourself, however this was just what I needed to do in order to make sure that things were a success. I had one chance at making it work and I knew this.
Has it been easy… heck no! It has been the hardest thing I could ever do. I have had to learn how to set boundaries with clients, learn when to rather refund a client because I was not prepared to suffer abuse from them, had lawsuits against clients for money they owed me, had months when I never earned a cent.
But now… I work hard and smart. I automate and plan EVERYTHING. Every single posts to my website, social media accounts, mailers that are sent out are all planned a month in advance. I work with deadlines to ensure that I dont go crazy. I dont work every weekend, in fact only the last weekend of every month. If I feel like taking an afternoon off, provided everything is in place, I dont feel guilty catching up my Netflix or playing in the park with my kids. My cell phone is connected to my email accounts so when I am taking that small amount of time off, I can still connect with my advertisers if need be (never on a weekend or at night though)
So whilst I dont profess to be an expert, I can tell you that I have been earning a full time income from for 10 years now. I support my entire family comprising of 4 children, husband and my mother… you do the math – it can be done!
I have monthly retainers, upfront paying clients but most of all I have over 300 brands that I work with each month and I love it. I never imagined that this is the work I would be doing 10 years ago and my story was entirely by chance but I will save that for another day!
Happy blogging and please do let me know if you have any questions
  1. Gwen Serrotti 3 months ago

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I am definitely not afraid of hard work as that is how I built my community. It is inspiring to know that it can be done!


  2. Author
    Julie 3 months ago

    Gwen you have it in you and you have the determination, I have no doubt that your blog will generate income!


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