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Hi, my name is Melissa, and I live in the hot and humid Louisiana area. I have been working in healthcare as a physical therapist for over 3 years, and for the past 2 years I have used clean beauty as my outlet and passion to drive my continued education. I recently have been feeling guilty for sharing my clean beauty tips and recommendations on my personal accounts, so I decided to create an instagram blog for all things green (ish). I hope to inspire those who are looking to break away from the mold and blend western medical treatments with greener and cleaner lifestyles. I also want to be real with everyone and show what I am willing to change and what I am not, which is where I get the term “green ish”. Most people interested in this lifestyle know it’s overwhelming to go 100% and not always possible. I am also training to move my physical therapy practice towards pelvic floor/women’s health, so I hope to incorporate that and just be an all around advocate for conservative care.

My instagram is @greengirlchronicles

Thanks for reading along!

  1. Lynne Huysamen 11 months ago

    Welcome @itsmelissathomp – it is wonderful to get to know you better.

    Yes I know some people go 100% with whatever it is that they trying to achieve and sometimes they can achieve it and maintain it. I’m more of a progress rather than perfection type of person!

    We each have our own personal journey 🤗

    I would be very interested in following your pelvic floor topics… because well you know… sneezing is just not the same since I had kids 😂😂😂


    • Melissa Thompson 11 months ago

      Lol exactly! And nobody should have to hide that or feel they can’t talk about it! I’ll be sharing some of my favorite resources as I get up and going. I’m trying to figure out how many posts to do since I am a brand new account!


      • Lynne Huysamen 11 months ago

        That is an interesting question and something I’ve been wondering myself! There was a stage where I was posting every single day on my Instagram account and it was so much work! Then I started only posting every week day, then I went to 3 times a week and now I sometimes only post once a week LOL.

        I do think it is entirely up to you… another thing I have noticed (and read somewhere) is that IG stories are really important. I’ve found that instead of putting a huge focus on my IG posts I make sure to post stories regularly and this seems to be working nicely for growing my account. The big bonus is that I don’t always have to come up with something fresh myself, I can just share someone else’s post to my stories. You know for those lazy days.

        This would make for a great discussion so feel free to post it as a question in our Ask For Help forum. I would be very interested to hear what the other ladies say!


  2. Dominique Leonard 11 months ago

    Hi @itsmelissathomp! Thanks for making me laugh! It was a good reminder to do those exercises in case the next time isn’t incident-free! Looking forward to your input because as you and @lynne point out, 100% isn’t always possible. I, for one, battle the slight guilt when I don’t achieve it.


  3. Nicole Steyn 11 months ago

    @itsmelissathomp I’m so excited that you’ve joined this group! I’m so keen to dig into your content! This is something I’ve been interested in for a while but just haven’t got around to implementing anything yet 🙈


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