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Hi Everyone! I am Deb Dancer. I currently have a full time job. I am a transitioning empty nester half in/half out and one back for short time. I am a new grandma as of a couple weeks ago which is such a precious gift. I moved from MN to FL to follow a dream of 20 + years, it didnt work the first time and I braved the cold winters till we made the jump 1.5 years ago. I currently live on the Gulf Coast and really love it, it has inspired me to venture into my creative side of blogging and vlogging. I am a positive person and love to encourage and support others. I have a dog and grew up with all kinds of animals. I love love, I’ve been married 25 years (got married young) and still am inspired by my better half, he always believes in me and has always given me strength when I did not have it. I started sharing my travel adventures near and far on You Tube and always was excited to share those experiences I ser up my website a few years back but only recently actively blogging. It’s time outside of my full time job, so I have to balance all the things, employee, mom, wife, grandma, cook, volunteer, planner, some of you may be able to relate 🙂 I really am surprised by the open arms of this community, I find it somewhat harsh in the big world sometimes for blogging and vlogging, this is a refreshing place to be and I am so glad to meet you all!
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  1. Lynne Huysamen 12 months ago

    Oh wow yes the balancing act is pretty darn intense! I blog full time from home and while I love it intensely I’ve got to admit that there are moments that drive me crazy.
    It must be really tough having a full time job, blogging and juggling everything else too… though your kids are much older than mine!
    Congrats on becoming a granny, that must be so amazing!
    And I glad that you love the community here! Our goal is create a welcoming place where there is no competition, just support and helping each other.
    I will catch up with you tomorrow!


  2. Nicole Steyn 12 months ago

    Hi @dancerquest, so nice to meet you and read your story. Looking forward to seeing your blog and getting to know you more through this group!


  3. Vidya Sury 10 months ago

    Hi Deb! Lovely to meet you. Obviously you lead a happily busy life! I wonder how you find the time to do it all! I look forward to interacting with you. I write about travel, among other things on my blog and would love to hear your own experiences! Welcome!


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