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Hi, I’m Beth and I am the founder of the recipe blog called A Meal In Mind, which I launched in January of 2019. I started the blog as a record of the meals I’ve been preparing for my daughter-in-law, who has gluten- and lactose-intolerance, my 11-month-old grandson, who is allergic to eggs, and my younger son, who can eat anything.

I love to cook and feel like I’ve been soaking up information about nutrition my whole life. In 22 years as a high school biology and chemistry teacher I seemed to work food science into almost any course I taught. I garden, sing in an acapella choir and volunteer at the Denver Botanic Garden when I’m not blogging or baby-minding.

I use organic and locally-grown food when possible and make recipes of the area I live in. For the 35 years that I lived in Hawaii that meant various Asian cuisines, and some of those recipes appear on the blog. Now I live in Denver, where the baby is, and I focus on Colorado produce when it’s available.

Some of the tech aspects of blogging, like SEO, social media, etc. are tough for me but I get help small and large from the great blogging community. I’ve discovered a passion for food photography and food styling. I have a whole new hobby of collecting food props. One of my greatest thrills in blogging so far was getting photos accepted on FoodGawker!! I enjoy chatting about my photos with my husband, who’s been taking great photos with manual cameras since long before DSLRs. I’m partnering with my older son, who is good at using Canva to design pins and other graphics.

I have a lot of experience as a copyeditor and sometimes consider offering proofreading services to other bloggers. I have no idea how interested anyone would be in that! Or where I’d find the time, along with baby-minding and blogging.

I’d like my blog to help anyone who is looking for good food in general and gluten-free food in particular. I’d like it to pay for itself too, starting with Amazon and AdSense, and to supplement my retirement income beyond that. That means I have to reach people for marketing, in addition to recipe-sharing. More new skills!

My website and social media (I use Twitter very little)

I explored and commented on Felicia Austin’s Meal-Planning website and to Nicole Steyn’s Pin Pal site. Both have skills in organization and planning that I admire. I hope to spend time on everyone’s!

Aloha to all!

  1. Lynne Huysamen 11 months ago

    It is lovely to meet you @amealinmind – I love hearing about all the different things you are involved in! So typical of a women today isn’t it?

    I went to a restaurant a while back with my husband where they also only cook from the food that they grow and from surrounding local farms – I absolutely loved that idea and it is something we should all be doing if we would like to preserve the earth!

    You may struggle with the SEO, social media and tech side of things…. BUT we will very soon have you covered! We have @creativersis our tech expert that will be creating tutorials here, and I absolutely love SEO and social media marketing and so does @lauren and we will also be creating tutorials here so very soon we will have an incredible resource to help you on your way…..

    And no I am not a techie but I managed to learn a bit along my blogging journey. I will be sharing everything I know here!

    I look forward to getting to know you better.


    • Beth Allingham 11 months ago

      Thank you so much for that encouragement, Lynne. I had read that retired people were often busier than when they were “working” but I’m living proof!

      I can see there is a tremendous amount of skill and talent in this group, and I’m honored to be a part of it. It’s easier for me to join a group when it’s small, because I’m such an introvert, even online. But I love how the support is built in right from the get-go to encourage new members to engage and take advantage of what’s here. Very impressive.



  2. Vidya Sury 11 months ago

    Welcome, Beth @amealinmind! It’s lovely to read about you – singing in a capella? Wow! I would love to listen to you! Post a clip if you can! My Mom was a fabulous cook besides being a school teacher and she’d manage to find a food analogy for everything in life! Its amazing that you can cook all kinds of creative cuisine. I enjoy cooking too and look forward to exploring your blog and social media!

    Isn’t it great to have family involved in what we enjoy doing? I like that your son helps you out with design. Congratulations on your photos being accepted on Food Gawker – that must have been a great moment!

    I wish you all the best for growing your blog into a well-paying business–you are in the right support group to make it happen! Feel free to reach out for any other help/support you need!

    Perhaps you should create a “hire me” page on your website and list your writing and photography services? Just a thought.

    Looking forward to engaging with you on the daily sharing threads, Beth. The more active we are, the more we benefit!

    Love, and welcome again!


    • Beth Allingham 11 months ago

      Dear Vidya, thank you so much for that warm message. You really read my whole intro!

      I love the thought of your mom’s food analogies. It’s always nice to hear of another school teacher who likes to cook!

      Thank you for the inspired idea to list services like editing. I will get there in photography, I hope. And maybe my son would like to offer pin design.

      So nice to meet you.


  3. Vicki Patton 11 months ago

    Hello Beth and welcome! Nice to meet you 🙂 I love how your family is involved with your business/passions. That is amazing! Sounds like you have a close-knit family.

    I think people would be interested in copywriting and proofreading services…there are people that make a full time living just offering those services.

    I am moving towards a gluten-free and dairy-free diet so I look forward to reading your post. Welcome to the group and I look forward to working with you!


    • Beth Allingham 11 months ago

      Vicki, thank you so much for those encouraging comments. I would be so happy if you find recipes that you like on the blog. I am always interested in how they work out for others.

      It has been great fun to call on family members – I’ve got some real talent to work with there, plus they are just such fun people!

      Thanks also for the encouragement to offer services. That sounds like a good next step for me!


  4. Nicole Steyn 11 months ago

    Hi Beth! It’s so lovely to read more of your story! I’m so keen to read your content as I’m sensitive to gluten and lactose too. So good to have you in the group! And thank you for engaging with my content already!


    • Beth Allingham 11 months ago

      Nicole, it’s so interesting to learn that you are sensitive to gluten and lactose, too. If you find any of my content of interest, I’m so glad. Now I just have to find out how to keep my whole Twitter feed from showing up in each reply, yikes.
      Thanks for the reply.


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