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How Bloggers Engagement & Growth Came About

I have been working online full time since 2012 and blogging full time since 2016. It is an amazing career to be in but although it is great to be alone working from the comfort of my own home it can also be a bit lonely.

It can also be tough to get your name out there and to increase your reach and engagement online. I’ve been part of many online communities both on private websites and on social media groups too. Many of these have been amazing communities that I have loved being a part of, however I have not found exactly what I have been looking for.

The biggest challenge I believe is that so many of these groups have a small base of amazing members that connect and engage with the right attitude but a large part of the community does not engage or connect – it is more of a drop and run mentality.

Recently I decided to stop spending my time looking for the right community, instead I will build it, along with some of the amazing women entrepreneurs that I have met. Check out our awesome team below, I’m Lynne.

What We Hope To Achieve

We plan to build a thriving community – a tribe of women that are passionate about helping each other achieve their goals online.

Our community is based on a points system that rewards the valuable members for their efforts.

The Team

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